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Diligent Technicians Offering Certified Auto Body Repair

Abiding by a solid work ethic, we at Don’s Body & Paint Shop pair customer service with unmatched expertise to deliver stellar auto repair solutions. For decades, we’ve remained committed to these values. Our technicians are helpful and knowledgeable, which makes for a hassle-free experience for our clients. Whether your car has sustained minor or major damages, our auto repair services promise prompt and satisfactory results. Best of all, we work with all insurance companies. This allows us to cater to a broad clientele. With our master technicians and savvy solutions, Don’s Body & Paint Shop is a sought-after name in the auto repair domain.

Meet Our Established Technicians And Painters

When Don’s was founded around 1970, few people were contributing to its excellence. Don Wallace was the founder and lead technician, and Frank McBee Sr. was the original painter. Alongside two other technicians, Frank eventually took over the business. Though the leadership team has seen a few changes, our auto repair shop remains a well-oiled machine. What’s more, we honor the same values that we did over 40 years ago. Dave Dewitte and Debbie Forbes are two other pillars of our success. With their combined managerial skills and auto repair know-how, Don’s Body & Paint Shop will continue to prosper for years to come.

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